Why Do You Need a Radar Detector?

Most people don’t see themselves as fast drivers who constantly go past beyond the speed limit. This is probably one of the reasons why many people don’t consider installing radar detectors in their vehicle. Some may think that it is illegal to have one, or they may not bother to buy one because they know that the police have all the technology and tools to catch overspeeding drivers. So the question is, why do you need a radar detector? Here are some of the best reasons why it may be necessary for you to have a radar detector in your car.

Alert You When You’re Overspeeding

The primary function of a radar detector is to remind you not to go beyond the speed limit. Sometimes, you would unintentionally go fast, but the radar detector will provide an audible alert that will prompt you to check your speedometer. By having this alert, it would save you a lot of trouble whenever you are on the road.

Increase Your Awareness

One of the main benefits of a radar detector is to make the driver more aware that a police officer is in the area using an active radar device. When your radar detector confirms this info, you will be able to adjust your speed and reduce if necessary. This will save you a lot of hassle.

Change in Speed Limits

You may be used to driving within the speed limit in your area, but keep in mind that there are other roads that change their speed limits at different points. Many drivers who were caught overspeeding in the highway didn’t know that the speed limit has changed.

Speeding Tickets

One ticket for overspeeding can be a costly experience. The average cost of one ticket is $150, which can sum up to an average of $900 over 3 years. Plus, the insurance rate hike that is associated with those speeding tickets can also be a pain in the wallet. Now that is a lot of money that could have been spent on other necessities. You invest your money in insurance and car protection against breakdowns and accidents, but you’re not investing in protecting yourself from speeding fines.

In Conclusion

In general, drivers always stay within the speed limit, but there are instances when the focus tends to go elsewhere and you lose track of your speed. There are several moments when you were not even aware that you already went beyond the speed limit. Consider radar detector as a small investment that could save you a lot of money and time. The alert from the radar detector is a reminder to look at your speedometer and stay within the normal speed range. It is not only for your safety but also for the safety of the other motorists. Please be reminded that before you purchase your radar detector, make sure that your state does not prohibit the use of this device. It is legal to use a radar detector in almost all the states in the US, except Virginia and Washington D.C. If you are not living in those two states, then you have the right to know when you are being directly monitored.

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